Back to the roots!

Six years ago I’ve started the Multiverse 15 blog to write about my 15mm wargaming projects and share some tips and ideas with a wider audience. The, almost two years ago, I’ve started a company manufacturing laser cut wargaming terrain – and the company’s name (along with several ideas used in the designs I’ve done for it) took from that blog. Today, with Multiverse Gaming growing strong every day, I’ve decided to add a bit more of a hobby back into what has become a full-time gig for me over the last year. The Worlds to Play With is intended as a semi-official hobby blog for MVG – a place to share stuff that doesn’t really belong on the company’s pages or social media outlets, but may be of interest both to those of you who build and paint the kits from Multiverse and those who are just looking for some painting and modelling ideas.

The articles you’ll find here will fall into the three main categories:

Tutorials – whether you need some tips on painting and detailing your laser cut kits or you’re looking for inspiration for your own scratchbuilding projects – you’ll find plenty of both here!

Project updates – whether it’s a studio table or a commission, or a WIP crew for a game I’m playing at the moment – all of these can and will find their place on this blog.

Showcase – many of Multiverse’s kits have been picked up by some incredibly talented people. If you’d like to get your work shown to a wider audience, please contact me through MVG’s contact form and I’ll gladly share it here with a proper credit and any links to your painting blog/FB fanpage/painting service site.

OK, the formalities are out of the way… time for the first painting tutorial!

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